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Personal Best's 'Fitness Fundamentals' DVD Set

Personal Best's 'Fitness Fundamentals' is a 2 Set DVD featuring fully customizable exercise routines. Our unique 'build your own' exercise program allows you to create totally custom exercise programs that fit your body- type, personality and lifestyle.

'Fitness Fundamentals' offers something for everyone, from the fitness newbie, to the conditioned athlete. Whether you're looking to jump-start, rev-up or learn how to properly exercise using body-weight exercises and/or low-cost portable equipment, such as a physio-ball, resistance tubing and light dumbbells, this 2-set DVD is the way to go. 'Fitness Fundamentals' DVD features close to 100 exercises within the following categories:

  • Dynamic Warm-up
  • Ab & Core Training
  • Lower Ab Training
  • Physio/Swiss Ball Training
  • Resistance Tubing Training
  • Upper Body Training
  • Balance Training
  • Cardio & Sports Performance Training

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