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Winnie Miiro


Winnie Miiro

Winnie started her fitness journey 15 years ago through determination, consistency and perseverance in reaching her personal goal of being fit, healthy, and strong in mind and body. She is currently pursuing her W.I.T.S. professional trainer certification.

Having grown up in a small African country where she was not exposed to the world of systematic fitness, she always strived to be fit by participating in organized school sports such as track & field. 

For Winnie, moving to the states and stepping into a gym for the first time was exciting but extremely intimidating. Being a novice and surrounded by machines, weights, classes, fit people...was a bit overwhelming! She sought out the safety of the treadmill which she wore “like a suit of armor” because she was afraid of how people would perceive her. Any gym newbie knows that being surrounded not just the machines, but by fit people is intimidating.

Winnie soon fell in love with strength training. We all have fitness mountains to climb, for Winnie, it was the "Pull-Up". Her attraction to pullups motivated her to work hard to develop enough upper body strength to accomplish one pull-up. She knew it would take will-power and determination to pull her body up to just one.  As hard as that was, she managed to get to the top of that mountain.

This experience was quite an epiphany for Winnie because at that moment she discovered what she really wanted to do; help others to achieve their own personal health and fitness goals by overcoming their fear and intimidation and realizing the potential of their own bodies and minds.    

“Watching your body transform is an extraordinary experience”, explains Winnie. “Once you make the commitment to hard work and stay consistent, you will be amazed at the results. I believe that unless you set your mind and push yourself you will never know what your body is capable of.”

Winnie strongly believes in healthy habits, not just working out, but taking care of your body from the inside out. “I believe that nutrition is the key to a fit body. You cannot out exercise bad habits. Set aside time to prep your meals, curb your cravings by making your own healthy treats. It’s true that six packs are truly made in the kitchen.”   

Winnie has developed a unique approach that combines nutrition, exercise and customized personal guidance from her own experiences. She is available for individual, two-person and small group personal training.

Let Winnie guide you in your own personal journey to physical wellness. 

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