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Linda Michalak-Campbell


Linda Michalak-Campbell

Linda is an experienced pilates reformer instructor and certified personal trainer. Linda left the corporate world to raise her two sons and is well into her second career as a fitness professional. An avid runner, Linda has competed in some local 5k races, adding up the miles weekly, until she got up enough "nerve" to train for her first marathon. Now with a couple marathons under her belt, she enjoys helping others challenge themselves both physically and mentally towards better health and well-being.

Wanting to learn and do more, she became a certified Personal Trainer. She then developed an interest in pilates and became a certified Pilates Reformer Trainer. When speaking about Pilates, Linda's passion is evident: "Pilates Reformer Training takes strength and flexibility training to a new level. It teaches us how to exercise correctly and efficiently, and to become mindful of our body and our health". With the recent surge in Pilates training, Linda has found that men can greatly benefit from reformer training when it comes to improving their golf or tennis swing.

Linda also works with clients in her capacity as a certified personal trainer. She thoroughly enjoys helping others and likes training people of all ages and fitness levels.

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