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Kristine Elmore

Kristine Elmore

Kristine is an ACSM certified personal trainer and functional training specialist, group fitness and Spin instructor as well as a NASM corrective exercise and golf fitness specialist.

Just 4 years ago Kristine was 80 lbs heavier and not really feeling good about herself. She was turning 30 years old and saw the youthful days of her athleticism slowly fleeting. She tried everything from diets and supplements to extreme exercise tactics that only lasted for a short period of time because it's hard to keep motivated when you're in constant pain and she wasn't in the condition physically to handle routines that demanding. After a while, the aches and the pain started to out-weight any potential benefit derived from long-term adherence.

She was always athletic as a young girl and grew up playing basketball, baseball, softball, soccer, volleyball, and eventually, tackle football. Right before turning 30 years old, Kristine set out to do things differently. She wanted to become more active, fully enjoy life and challenge herself to be better. A family friend found an all women's tackle football team (www.nysharksfootball.com) in the tri-state area and she decided to tryout. She became intrigued due to her love of competition and this "new challenge" was just the push she needed to really become serious about her health. That was 4 years ago.

In 2013, Kristine had the great fortune of being selected to play for the Gold Medal winning USA Women's Tackle Football Team. It was the constant encouragement of her teammates and coaches that provided the motivation to get through intense workouts and drills. During this period she learned a lot about herself as well. Consistency became the key fact in her transformation.

After 'retiring' while on top, so to speak, Kristine decided to study for her personal training certification, which she completed in 2014. Her world had changed because of fitness and she wanted the opportunity to share this with others.

Fitness is a love of hers and she is always eager to pursue educational opportunities (she is currently studying to become a ACSM certified inclusive fitness trainer, ACE- orthopedic specialist and a NESTA mixed martial arts conditioning coach).

Kristine believes that external forces drive us all at some point but it is the internal force, the person within, that we need to satisfy first and foremost.

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