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Caandon Hudson


Caandon Hudson

Caandon studied Exercise Science at William Paterson University and is currently pursuing his N.A.S.M. professional trainer certification.

Growing up was tough being timid, unconfident and small in stature. As an adolescent, Caandon developed a passion for fitness with the focus of getting bigger and stronger and was able to make great transformations both physically and mentally. By the age of 18, he began boxing and training with a semi-pro boxer and professional trainer. Having the opportunity to train with ex pro boxer and professional boxing trainer Harold Knight (assistant coach to Heavyweight Champion Lennox Lewis) provided Caandon with an incredible amount of boxing knowledge and insight.

Seeing the transformation within himself as a young energetic adult, Caandon realized that he wanted to help others achieve their own personal goals.  Throughout his years of boxing training, he realized that with hard work and dedication personal health and fitness goals are achievable. He started training friends while attending college, which was very rewarding. He was able to train his classmates using his knowledge of boxing to make it fun for them to lose weight and feel great. They were delighted!  At that point, Caandon realized that he had a passion for not only staying fit and healthy but also helping others get fit while having fun. 

Caandon specializes in healthy weight loss and body transformation, core training, boxing technique, training and conditioning, and TRX training in both personal and small group settings. 

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