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Ashley Molson

Ashley Molson Ashley Molson

Ashley started her fitness journey at a young age, beginning with ballet and dance training at the age of 5 and then adding high school swimming, volleyball and yoga as she got older. She was so fascinated with fitness that after swimming practice she'd head to the gym and then straight to dance or yoga on a daily basis.

Fitness has always been a huge part of her life, although Ashley didn't start pursuing a career in fitness until she graduated law school. She always kept up with her training even as she went through college and undergrad, but during her tough academic career she learned that if people don't take control of their physical health and emotional well-being, you can easily burn out and suffer some dire circumstances. She decided that even though she was going to practice law, she would focus on coaching people, especially those with intense working lives, through mental, emotional and physical challenges. 

Ashley has been practicing yoga for 14 years and she's been teaching for three. She's certified in the practice of Svaroopa® Yoga, which is heavily focused on spinal release, meditation, restoration and rejuvenation. 

Ashley also has a love for strength training, high intensity interval training (HIIT), and loves hiking and using nature as her gym. She is currently enrolled in becoming a NASM certified personal trainer.  

Ashley combines her knowledge of movement and angles of the body, her ability to help clients become more self-aware and calm in the mind through her yoga and meditation training and her passion for strength and HIIT training to develop customized programs for her clients. She particularly enjoys working one on one with clients to help them reach optimal results, achieve mental and emotional breakthroughs and build confidence. She also loves teaching group programs and classes. 

Let Ashley support you on your personal fitness journey.

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