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Our Philosophy

Welcome to Personal Best Training Center. We're really excited that you're here! At Personal Best, we believe that a healthy body and mind are essential to healthy living. That's why we approach health and fitness from a holistic perspective.

Personal Best offers a totally unique health and fitness experience. We constantly strive to help improve your total health, fitness and quality of life. With the support and guidance of top fitness professionals, Personal Best sets the stage for a comprehensive health and fitness environment that's focused on your well being.

Personal Best works extensively with health and wellness professionals, including cardiac and internal medicine physicians, gynecologists, physical therapists, chiropractors, massage therapists and other health and wellness facilitators to develop a coordinated and comprehensive approach to working with clients, especially those dealing with soft tissue conditions, such as lower back, shoulder, knee and neck, as well as chronic health issues, such as MS, cancer, arthritis, neuropathy, diabetes and high blood pressure, in addition to women’s health issues, such as menopause, osteoporosis, thyroid, pelvic floor and stubborn weight-loss.

We invite you ask questions and learn more about how Personal Best can enrich your total health, fitness and well-being. Or better yet, schedule your appointment to meet with a fitness professional at Personal Best and learn which of our fitness, nutrition and training programs is right for you.

Please check out Personal Best's unique and broad collection of fitness, nutrition and wellness programs and services below:

What's New?

Len Glassman, Owner of Personal Best recently published a novel titled Soul Trainer, a ‘fictional fitness’ series of inspirational stories, deeply personal struggles and uphill battles against unbelievable odds, where fitness is the only way out.

Soul Trainer is available for purchase at and 

Amazon at

Soul Trainer takes us on a journey, where fictional characters with troubled lives, ‘find fitness’ as a way to overcome insurmountable obstacles, while challenging readers to gain control over their lives ‘from the outside in’.   

 Soul Trainer Book Cover

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